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  • Sarah Danforth

    Tree of Life Lungs. Wow this is such a cool idea for anyone with lung problems or who works in the pulmonary field.

  • Tabitha Allen

    One of the coolest tattoos I've ever seen. LOVE this.

  • Elizabeth Conrow

    Tree root lungs

  • Kel-C Shore

    This was my first tattoo done on March 21st at Lark Tattoo in Westbury, NY. After two years of wanting it, I couldn’t be happier with how it came out. It means the absolute world to me; It represents my slow overcoming of a battle I’ve been fighting for years. I love trees more than anything and being able to see this everyday on my ribs is amazing. :)

  • Raymona Callais

    Tree. Lungs. Tattoo. That's what I call a tree of LIFE!

  • Kristin Brown

    Tree Lungs, cool tattoo

  • Cyndy R

    Tree tattoo

  • Hannah Elise

    Lung cancer tattoo

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I think it would be neat if this were done to actual size, but that would also be very ambitious.

getting a tattoo similar to this when im 18, its gonna be smaller, and with the words "tills vi möts igen" written under ; meaning until we meet again in swedish. the tree will be bare, except for one leaf. that leaf will be symbolizing my aunt who died this past summer. RIP Aunty Maryanne

I'm getting a white bird tattoo (after Isabella Bird) soon... probably along the lines of the bottom one and on my inner-upper arm...

This is really cool too. Wasn't looking for one with a clock on it. I need to find something with my comedy & tragedy masks.

I love this. It starts out with a heart that symbolizes my passion to love and the ECG lines symbolizes the challenges I faced in life itself with health, love && loss && whatever my future in general && the word faith for something I will always have that no one can ever take away from me

Even though everyone has a dream catcher tattoo, I still want one. Its been like a year since Ive wanted it!

Amazing Leaf Tree Tattoo symbolize learning to live successfully through life changes.- this is a neat idea!

"Where you invest your love, you invest your life" I've wanted this tattooed on me for a couple years now, but just not sure of placement