Birch trees - scrape with a credit card

▶ Easy Birch Tree Painting Tutorial - Free Acrylic Painting Lesson for Beginners and Kids - YouTube

DIY Birch Tree Painting - this wall art is so, so easy to make and looks great! (The trick is using an old credit card to apply paint to the canvas!) Get the full tutorial at

Cherry Blossom trees- Grade 5

What a fun 'leaf-print' activity!

Here's an art project you'll be proud to hang on your wall for years to come! Masking tape, water-colours, paint and oil pastels all come together in this gorgeous birch tree pic - tutorial at

A great birch tree art lesson, have to buy masking tape though. What if the tape rips the paper?

These come out so cool and so different with each kid!

Easy watercolor idea...

Christine Lindstrom "Fragile"

Were origonally watercolour paper and watercolour paint with pen and ink trees. But could use as inspiration for an art lesson - tissue paper? Not tried yet so you on your own, folks.

Have to try this technique

Artsonia Museum - From exhibit "Personalities- Grade 5" - use as example. FUN!

Kids Artists: december 2010

Drag your card board across your paint to make your pattern

Brich trees painting

♥Monochromatic Fish Paintings Mono = one Chroma = color 4th grade tint shades art lesson project plan ocean

elementary fall art projects | Fall Art Projects For Kids 4th Grade

Lots of amazing art projects. Multiple mediums. All seasons. Step-by-step instructions. Great site!

great fall art project.