I'll be a knight.

books and cleverness, there are more important things.

Harry James Potter.

Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George and Ron Weasley

Hell yeah she will.

The progression of Ron's assessment of Hermione.

Just in case anyone forgot why Ron is so awesome, Rupert Grint can remind you.

Rupert Grint does not play Ron Weasley. Ron Weasley plays Rupert Grint. Creepy how accurately they cast Ron's character...

Behind the scenes of the Ron and Hermione kiss. Oh just get married already! o-o

Harry Potter POP Ron Weasley Vinyl Figure #radartoys

Ron and Hermione

Ron and Hermione. Hahahaha. "Yet..." That's awesome.

Harry, Hermione, Ron

Harry potter


From Knight to King

This scene was perfect for me except for one thing....the laugh at the end. It ruined it. It seemed like they kept it in because it was what Emma and Rupert would have done, not Ron and Hermoine. Cut that laugh and it was a perfect scene.

Rupert grint.....harry potter wouldn't be the same without him

from that moment on Hermione Granger became their friend... :)

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