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    Do what makes you happy

    So True

    Facts in your favor.


    story of my life

    Inspiring picture great picture quote, quotes, rockalily. Resolution: 500x349 px. Find the picture to your taste!

    quotes so true

    Very WELL said... Let God take care of their intrusions...


    your life is your own.

    been broken, but never shattered.

    Keep Calm and ...

    i want to see this so badly.

    Oh I will

    hahahahhahaa i love this. smartass


    * but, your love never fails *& your love never fails God *& your love never fails me at least *& i believe your love never fails everyone at the most bc it is love from you * i am very sensitive to auric energy *& the energy of the universe, within the world, i never was before the age of 22 like, i, am, now, but it is all love, made of love, God's love *& you are unique, so, shine * you aren't subject to be necessary to overcome, you are, a, being, of, heaven, within the world * you are just a perfect being meant to be loved * to, feel, loved, is, so important * it makes me want to cry to think of anyone to ever feel less than loved * there is nothing needed to acknowledge the sacredness of your being * you are, pure, beautiful, and, perfect * i acknowledge, that you are a sacred being, but this is only the truth * it is here to stay * your perfectness * in love with the world *& God *& above all, true to heaven, when your feelings get hurt * i love you, your blissful way, is my miracle * God loves you * flourish angelic angel *& my love will protect you *& God will hold you forever bc you are the only you, so perfect, to this world * your presence is a miracle * ♡ * +

    deep thought

    Never apologize for having high standards

    haha so truee


    Words For Thought ...

    haha i do this a ton.

    yeahh trueee