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purple and white hair, not sure if I'm adventurous enough for this but it looks fun!

Grey hair...interesting... would probably be teased but when has that stopped me?

I wish this was real and not a wig! Anyway, I want my hair this color, wow!

Hey im Caitlin call me Cait though im 14 ill be 15 in a week or so yay!! I think Sam is cute... Shh... Introduce?

I miss the days of being able to get away with dying my hair this color. Damn getting older :/

photo.JPG by ugg-off, via Flickr. Sadie's new tropical rainbow colored tips.

I love this. LOVE it. For me, but I don't know about work. I could totally do this your hair, but your mother might kill me and ground you for life.

Yes to cotton candy blue hair. Waiting for the day when i have enough balls to do this.

Lavender hair, want this for my next color.