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  • Ashlee Crane

    Country girl tough!

  • Jessica Niziolek

    just like faith started out as a small seed- so did I. My mama & dad both raised me to have think skin. Life is is hard and it will try and break u, and god gives us all something... They gave me my tough skin, and my fight. & for that i am great-ful truly... I am my mother's daughter.

  • Hannah Wenzel

    Tough girl!

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It's that feeling you get that something just seems wrong or out of place. It's not being sure where to go from here or what may happen next but I know have to stay positive. Everything. Happens. For. A. Reason.

Embrace your truth and it shall set you free! ♥ Like Positive Chick on Facebook and join the community of positive people. ♥

My mom took away my texting for two months, I still am in the process of waiting for it to be turned back on, and only one of my friends call me.

I just love being from the south!

Southern - Yes, ma'am. It's the truth.

Oh, Mr. LUKE BRYAN, I would ride in trucks, be your country girl, shake it for you, and NOT let the night end ....EVER!!

I am a yankee and always will be. But this IS true. ----- I love NY, but d@mn I hate all the liberal BS up North. Hence the reason I'm still here :D

When scrolling through Pinterest I dont worry too much about the weight loss tips, recipes, or hair styles. I just want to see some rude ecards.

“You are more than the mistakes you've made.” Don't let your past define you. Transform your mistakes into lessons. Learn. Let go.

Well, at least you don't have to worry about being nothing. By living your live, you are something. The only matter is how your life is measured. Is it by happiness, or achievements, or money.