Words to remember.

AMEN! so true

When God pushes you to the edge of difficulty trust Him fully because two things can happen either he'll catch you when you fall, or he will teach you how to fly

Your faith will help you find the way. Our God is an awesome God.

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Always remember this no matter what

I want my daughters to remember this.

Beautiful Quote

Don't go back to something God has already rescued you from.

Daughter of God <3

So true !!!!!!

By Winnie The Pooh. This really hits me as an incredible quote. It's true and it's almost like saying we should be thankful for the hardest moments in life because without them, we never had anything great in the first place... truly stunning and beautiful in prose.

Sometimes I need to remember this...

Only God knows....


Such a good thing to remember!


Closer to God

God has a plan for your life

will of god

Money can't buy happiness. <3