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I watched Up with this in mind. Chad pointed out that when Carl first meets Russell, Russell is asking him if he can help him cross the road, cross the yard, cross his living room… then when he's turned down, he gets flustered, "Well, I have to help you cross SOMETHING." Yeah. Boom. Mind blown.

10 Things I Hate About You... Michael: "H-He's very pretty. He's a gorgeous guy." Cameron: "Yeah. I-I just wasn't sure. I didn't know." Michael: [gives him two thumbs up] "You're a gorgeous guy." ...Love this part!

10 things i hate about you. best movie ever!

10 things I hate about you. this will probably be on my top 5 favorite movies list forever.

10 things I hate About You | Such a great movie...lived in the actual neighborhood for 4 years!

Epic moment in movie history...

CLUELESS QUOTE OF THE DAY: All about mono chrome, vests over t-shirts. by Garth Spencer

Caitlin.... You know how I know? Cause we are connected! One f the best parts!

Ten Things I Hate About You. You are a very pretty guy!!