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It's About The Journey As Much As The Outcome - Charlotte Trounce illustration for Ingeus #typography #words #art

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live in the moment



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I live by this!

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I like


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good thing i have @Lauren Mannion


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quotes and sayings Even MORE if you click the image!


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I loved this and how true it is about others and yourself.

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// Always bring your own sunshine //

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Download, print, enjoy...

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fussin #print

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Ha!! Pin it!

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Original source: teenytinythighs

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true I am thinking that what was written in TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, should be the guide line for most of life. I have never read a book that has such amazing principals to fry and follow. I am sure you can tell, it is my favorite book. I am in love with Atticus Finch but in reality....of course he does not exist.

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I have struggled with this but as I grow older, (ugh!) I realize how true this quote really is:) inspiring-thoughtful-truths-and-stuff-to-make-me-l

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Be in #love with your life.