Make a bowl for your jewelry...Use air drying clay, roll out to a thickness of 1/4" min. then roll a doily onto the clay to leave an impression of the lace. Cut into a circle and place in a bowl to dry, seal and use for a non-food use.

idea for polymer clay

DIY : Lace Doily Bowl - pretty holder for jewelry

MAKING MOLDS (from clay & for clay)

Make your own customized texture & stamping tools with polymer clay & found objects - what a great idea #art #journal

Wedding Ring holder platter from air dry clay

more pebbles... Pebble Drawing

cut canvas

Lacey Bird Ornaments - Christmas Decoration, Tag, Keepsake, White Clay, Home Decor on Etsy, $7.50 AUD

Thanksgiving crafts for kids and adults made out of clay

I wonder...could I do this for spices I use all the time? Have a spice rack, but hang essentials (that don't require grinding) on the bottom? Cinnamon, flake salt, black pepper, garlic...things I want a lot of? Hmm...I could even make a shaker to fit flush with the opening so it would still screw on, but could be used sparingly if necessary!

Goodwill table, flat marbles, glue, grout. pretty cool- interesting idea.

Easy way to make cute bows.

Super Cute and Easy Bag.

This seashell pencil holder is a fun yet extremely simple craft using a tin can and air drying clay.

lace bowl diy hell yeah

Beautiful button bowl.....too hard to make??Believe it or not we used Elmer's School Glue!! It dries clear. First we applied a VERY THIN layer to the balloon, stuck the buttons on the balloon, and allowed it to dry overnight. Then I took a sponge brush and applied an outer coat of glue to the buttons while still on the balloon. Allowed it to dry for 24 hours and then released the air from the balloon.

Love! Lace lamps!

easy pendants

How To Sculpt Pretty Faces in Polymer Clay Tutorial (Highlight Reel)