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ARZone Podcast 56: Jonathan Balcombe Episode 56 features ethologist, author, public speaker and vegan advocate. Dr. Jonathan Balcombe. Dr. Balcombe speaks with ARZone about his work with the newly launched Humane Society University, about the Experience of Pleasure and the Elimination of Suffering, as well as about the complex inner lives of fishes, language and communication in other animals, and much more. Audio Podcast, approx 57 minutes.

A BRAND NEW ARZone podcast, which features a return visit with the Executive Director of Responsible Policies for Animals, David Cantor. When we first spoke with David last year, he explained RPA’s vision and mission as a group that engages in what he calls “strict rights advocacy”, rejecting both the traditional animal welfare strategy as well as abolitionism. David believes and argues that “rights precede abolition”. In this podcast, David speaks about the progress RPA is making, and more.

Ronnie Lee famous as the founder of ALF (Animal Liberation Front), speaks with his fellow ARZone admins about his most recent project called Encouraging Vegan Education (E.V.E) .He also talks about why the ALF has not been as effective as many had hoped, about the long history of veganism within the animal protection movement, about the best ways to reach out to non-vegans, and about the importance of patience in the struggle for the rights of other animals.

An ARZone interview with Marc Bekoff, world renowned animal behaviourist, biologist, author (Animals Matter) and advocate for other animals. In this discussion Marc talks about the need to connect hearts and minds by "rewilding" ourselves, his ideas about compassionate conservation, what we know about the minds of other animals, and how the way forward for other animals is for human advocates to stop their bickering and learn to work for a common purpose.

In this brand new podcast, Igualdad Animal / Animal Equality's Laura Gough and Sharon Núñez speak with ARZone about the how and why @Animal Equality conducts anti-speciesist vegan animal rights advocacy, what they have learned from their international experience, and what they see as some of the best ways forward for the movment. They also respond to some criticisms that have been made of Animal Equality's efforts.

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