Cookie Monster Fail!

Pin Nailed It. Failed It. So I’ve been wanting to make cake pops. But, mine didn’t turn out. So instead I modeled this pin attempt to the Cookie Monster Cupcake pin. My cake pop attempts are on.

Nailed it food

Nailed It! Food Edition! Part 3!

Nailed It! Part by - A Member of the Internet's Largest Humor Community

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What's your biggest "birthday cake" fail? -- well, let's hear it for a good dose of reality! Anybody who thinks they're going to whip up a cake like the top one is just dreaming.

DIY Fails - What could go wrong? LMAO!!!!  LOOK LIKE SOMETHING I WOULD CREATE!!!LOL...LOL...=)

DIY Fails

Nailed it. I love these "Nailed it" fails. So funny! I laughed so hard I cried!

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