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  • Nicola Murray

    Pantone Univers dribble dribble lol

  • Missy Stanley

    Pantone Marker Set - yes please! #Pantone #markers #color #pen #product $483 #designerd

  • Allywan

    pantone markers. #desk #art #supplies #office

  • Maria Waters

    Pantone Universe Twin Marker Sets If you’d take the Pantone rainbow over a double rainbow any day of the week, these double-tipped Pantone marker sets might just give you a cold chill. Sets from 12 to 72 in true Pantone colors!? It is unbelievable but try not cry, that’s weird.

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Such a great blanket!


This water jug, designed by danish Pil Bredahal made me look. The elegant lid opens automatically when you pour its liquids and it holds back ice cubes or slices of lemons. Beautiful, no? Would make a good gift, me think.

oh yeah!

quero quero quero me? I want it!

Collier en émaux bressans, XIXe s., musée de Boston, USA.

Collier d’esclavage en or et émaux, XIXe s., Boston museum.

I want it now!

colorful notebooks

pantone pots

pantone pots

color coat rack

book tent

key cloud



pantone felt-tip pens!

Peacock cuff by Galia Born $48.00

Camping in style! I must have this for next year's camping trip!

hello. is it tea you're looking for? I LOVE IT !!!!

Watermelon Authentic for Toddlers by Vans: $27 #Vans #Toddlers #Kids #Shoes

simple wooden coasters