Make stamped washer necklaces - tutorial.

Metal stamped

DIY Painted Washer Necklaces at

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wearable words - tutorial, cool idea!

This personalized anchor necklace is created with a stainless steel round charm, stamped with your custom coordinates around the edge. It includes a small ancho

Make your own name necklace

Washer Necklaces - The Idea Room

how to stamp washers

Flattened spoons - this one is the coolest ever. Buy some old spoons on flea market and flattened them with a hammer. You need the right tools for cutting the handles and drilling the holes. Or you find yourself a handyman. put a little silver heart, a small key and some beads.

metal stamping

stamped washers. i think i have the metal stamps.......

Washer and wire ideas from the hardware store

Metal Stamping

DIY washer necklace

washer necklace

DIY washer jewellry. great fundraising idea. Tutorial

Great metal stamping tutorial!

LDS Activity Days necklace for $1 each. Love this!