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What a little gentleman.

I wear a bow tie now, bow ties are cool ;) The Bow Tie Collar

Too cute not to share: “Norm the pug” is the new (lovely) Instagram star

Too cute not to share: "Norm the pug" is the new (lovely) Instagram star

Incredibly photogenic pug Norm is photographed every day by his human, Seattle-native Jeremy Veach. The two were recently featured in mobile photography magazine Ludique

Oh my God this is my Bert.

Pug snorting print of Original Painting by tinyconfessions for Hannah


there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach." <--- pinning this purely for the fact that someone captioned a picture of a flying pug with High School Musical lyrics.


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Dog Humor: I don't always sneeze directly into your face but when I do… I make sure you're yawning.

omg.A ball!

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Pugs Will Sleep Anywhere!

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"Toy Car" Dogs love to ride in cars. Some dogs are even lucky enough to have a car of their own to drive! Two chihuahua puppies going for a ride inside a luxury toy car.