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Pinner says: "This article made my foundation look 1380 times prettier. Read!" I've been looking for this!

The Science and Art of Listening by Seth S. Horowitz, nytimes #Listening #Seth_S_Horowitz

Is Mathematics Behind Our Attraction to Beauty? | Yet, while we are drawn to good design, as Mr. Hamel points out, we’re not quite sure why. This is starting to change. A revolution in the science of design is already under way, and most people, including designers, aren’t even aware of it.

"I like material things as much as anyone. But my experiences show that after a certain point, material objects have a tendency to crowd out the emotional needs they are meant to support. Often, material objects take up mental as well as physical space. I sleep better knowing I’m not using more resources than I need. I have less — and enjoy more."

Olay Fresh Effects Shine, Shine Go Away Shine Minimizing Cleanser via #Walgreens

ebola in Nigeria They stopped the spread of Ebola in it's tracks. C’s Nigerian office to declare an Ebola emergency. On July 23—the very same day the patient was diagnosed—they created an Incident Management Center (which morphed into the Emergency Operations Center) and kicked into action an Incident Management System to coordinate responses.

Uncork the Nose's Secret Powers - But be warned—human olfactory powers degrade as the years go by, resulting in a detectable loss by the time many people reach their 30s. Gradually, it can deteriorate to the point where people are unable to notice the odor of rancid food or a household gas leak.

Top 10 nutrients for skin health and why they're oh-so-good for you

Beauty Greenwashing is Out of Control, and These 10 Chemicals Found in "Green" Products Prove It | Bustle