Pearl wasn't at all lady-like when it came to getting out of a car. She wasn't at all sober either.

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Here is a collection of vintage advertisements from the first half of 20th and the late 19th centuries. If you would decide to use them today, they would probably be banned, you would get fined or even could get to jail! And its not only advertisements: here you'll see posters of products that are prohibited not only to sell, but also to keep. Get ready for the political incorrectness!

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30 Examples of some of the ridiculous things that passed in vintage advertisements. Sexist, offensive, funny and all out stupid vintage ads.

Vintage Ads

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Train Your Husband Poster Art- look, the sexism from this place goes both ways, ladies. This pin is better in context with the pin showing "How to Train Your Wife." Also on this board.

Baked Ham: featured this month in good eating places everywhere! National Restaurant Association, May 1957.

dubious medical advice

I hate that part of the morning where I have to get out of bed & participate in real life.

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Old Ads

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This advert for ironing boards would be completely rejected nowadays, however during this period women were seen as housewives and this advert did create interest for the company.

Can you believe this ad? Vintage Lane Bryant.

15 Sexist Vintage Ads - (sexism, vintage ads)- OMG!! I can't believe these ads!!!

This fruit crate label was used on Up n' Atom Brand Carrots, c. 1950s: "Up n' Atom Brand California Carrots. Crate labels were a frequent means of marketing fruit and vegetable packer brands at the turn of the century.

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