lmfao! Oh THAT'S where that went!

Here is a collection of vintage advertisements from the first half of 20th and the late 19th centuries. If you would decide to use them today, they would probably be banned, you would get fined or even could get to jail! And its not only advertisements: here you'll see posters of products that are prohibited not only to sell, but also to keep. Get ready for the political incorrectness!

Pearl wasn't at all lady-like when it came to getting out of a car. She wasn't at all sober either.

Drink up kid! #creepy #vintage #ad


Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance... The five stages of waking up.

Vintage Ads


Vintage Ads: How funny - wonder when this was? Good lord! Can you imagine? Haha


"I know it's Bad for me, but I've had Worse things in my mouth", oh Sally, you Manx! Ha! Funny Vintage Advertising.

Vintage Advertisement - start them on a strict regimen of soda!

so true

white girl wasted. this when you have your best friend for life they start at a young age BESTIES

Yeah, really.

Many industry observers have spent countless hours telling the world that product focus and viral success don't mix. What idiots we were. Dollar Shave Club proved us all dead wrong. This ad scored 4M views in its first four days online, and the company is selling truckloads of razorblades every month. The immensely entertaining blog and the brand's quirky contests keep the irreverent spirit going daily. Its success have spawn a virtual publicity machine.

Funny Weekend Ecard: I don't remember much from last night, but the fact I need sunglasses to open the fridge this morning tells me it was awesome!!!


Make my handle gin and we’ll get somewhere