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    • Teresa Walsh

      So when your complaining about being alone, remember, you put all the good girls in the friend zone.

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    "I'd love to pay to relocate for work!", said no one ever. Help a cancer biologist!

    Good for one cross country Oregon Trail style epic relocation. Please consider helping a cancer biologist to relocate for scientific research! Thank you :)

    I buy store-brand groceries so I can afford top-shelf booze.

    Thanks for being someone I can open up to.

    I expect you to treat me with the utmost respect unless we're in bed.

    I can't return to the gym until I lose some weight.

    I want to be with you until our clothes are considered retro.

    Thanks for giving me permission to take more control during sex.

    I expect you to treat me with the utmost respect unless we're in bed.

    Tonight let's do something your memory foam mattress will never forget.

    I'm so excited about our date that I actually washed my sheets.

    So would you say at this point in our relationship are we on the Emergency Contact Level?

    ...and this is where we put the non-significant results.

    And you wonder where the mystery in our relationship has gone?

    I could really use a day between Saturday and Sunday

    I'm sorry kissing your ass isn't part of my definition of your version of "friendship" Never been the one to kiss ass.

    Be a Queen for your King. Not a hoe for a team !!

    Family is Family. Step-, Half-, and in-law don't make you less than family, they tell the tale of how you became family.

    Why is it some days your hair can look amazing and other days it looks like a cat licked it?

    "I just love cleaning bathrooms" - said no one everrrrr!!!

    I'm sorry you can't handle the fact that I'm a nice girl but a crazy woman.

    I just did 25 sit-ups. Ok. I tried to sit up 25 times. Still laying here.

    It's amazing how someone can break your heart, but you still love them with all the little pieces.

    Either God's giving you reasons to pray for their souls or trying to tell you that you can't save them all.

    You've been given the tools. How and if you use them, is up to you.