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So when your complaining about being single & there are no good girls to find. Remember you put all the good girls in the friend zone.

Some people wonder why certain women are so strong willed and confident, it's probably because an asshole made them that way.

Behind every disrespectful man there is a father I want to kick in the balls for failing to show their son how to respect and treat women.

That awkward moment when you realize that everyone was right... Your ex IS a douchebag. Sure NOW everyone comes forward saying how uncomfortable he made them feel, and how they knew he's got evil hidden behind him. Ya, I saw that for sure!

Show a girl you don't care and she'll chase you. Show a woman you don't care and she'll replace you.

I wanna thank all my ex-boyfriends for teaching me what is absolutely unacceptable in a partner!! Signed...... the girl you made wiser!

Laughing or seething .... one way or the other, the truth always comes out. #lies #honesty #truth #relationships #trust

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My fav is "You never come to visit!" Oh, the streets between my house and yours are all one way?!?!

Since when did 'BFF' stand for backstabbing fake friend. I hope you burn in the fiery sauna of hell.

Just because my feelings were hurt, doesn't mean I'm too sensitive - it COULD mean you were insensitive.... Just saying.......