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    Southern Lady® Pieries PPAF Southern Lady® Pieris PPAF is an upright, evergreen shrub with spreading branches and dense rosette foliage. In winter pinkish-red flower buds adorn the shrub, giving it a festive holiday feel. By early spring the flower buds blossoms into delicate, slightly fragrant, white pendulous flowers. - See more at:

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Southern Lady® Pieris

Southern Lady Andromeda "Featuring better heat- and disease-tolerance than your average andromeda, Southern Lady is a brand-new belle for the garden. It features clusters of fragrant white flowers in early spring..." New Trees & Shrubs for 2013

Best Shrubs and Bushes For Southeastern PA, Top Performers in Philadelphia, Delaware County, Chester County, & Pennsylvania Main Line

Pieris Japonica Southern Lady is a real gem!

japonica 'Mountain Fire' Japanese Pieris Evergreen shrub with beautiful fiery red new growth that matures to a lustrous deep green. A prolific producer of broad, pendulous white flower clusters. Height: 4-8' Spread: 3-6' Zone: 5-8

Japanese Andromeda scientific name Pieris japonica an evergreen shrub with upright spreading branching.

Flaming Silver Andromeda -The foliage appears as red, then becomes pink with a silvery edge, and finally deepens to dark green while keeping its lovely variegation. It blooms in early Spring, and is covered in fragrant white clusters of flowers that hang like giant bunches of grapes from the bare branches. It grows to about 5 feet high and does best in full sun to part shade in zines 5-9.

Mountain Fire Japanese Andromeda (Pieris), the feathery white flowers on this evergreen, shade-loving shrub, also called Lily of the Valley, are highlighted by bright red new leaves.

Pieris floribunda (Mountain Pieris) - Native to the east coast, this small evergreen shrub is hardy through at least zone 5. It will grow 4'-6' tall and wide and has lustrous dark green leaves and flowers abundantly (hence its botanical name) with spikes of fragrant white blooms in April. Does best in partial shade as it's not suited for very sunny locations. Otherwise, has similar growing needs as rhodies.

Pieris japonica 'Mountain Fire' - 7'tall, 7'wide, evergreen, Zone 4-7