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      ▶ You are 90% bacteria. Most diseases are because we have not got bacteria enough in us. Ancient Dentistry - Learning from DNA: Alan Cooper at TEDxAdelaide

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    3 ways to knock out a bladder infection without antibiotics from One Good Thing by Jillee

    Purely Essential Recipes: Liquid Morphine. She uses this for hubby's fibro via rollerball bottle.

    Essential Oils for Skin Care and DIY Facial Serum

    Lemongrass essential oil for spider veins and varicose veins.

    Saunas are good for the heart. In the 1980s 2,315 middle-aged men in Finland were asked about their sauna habits.Again 21 years later. Mortality rate was high if doing sauna once a week and much lower by four to seven times a week. With more than 19 minutes, they had half the risk of dying from cardiac arrest. The enthusiasts who visited at least four times a week kept the heat down to 77° C.  | ScienceNordic

    Lulur betyder "at beskytte huden". Bland 2 tsk. gurkemeje, 3 kapsler L-carnitin, 1 dråbe sandeltræsolie og 3 dråber jasminolie, 2 spsk. fintmalet ris og et tår kildevand. Masser kroppen med babyolie, smør så den velduftende blanding på. Lad den tørre ind og børst den af kroppen med hænderne. Tag et brusebad. Smør yoghurt på kroppen og læg dig i et varmt bad med rosenknopper.

    How I Healed My Mother’s basal cell (Skin Cancer). Raw organic coconut oil helps in the regeneration of skin cells. she mixed one part baking soda and one part coconut oil, dapped it on the area 3 times a day.... by Kyneret Azizo.

    Do not waste money on this! Collagenlight is 633 nanometres, far infrared light is 700 - 1000 nm. Yes Far Infrared light "heals" wrinkles. Read this study : www.ncbi.nlm.nih....

    Do not waste money on expensive treatments. Go get a few far infrared lamps. 2006 study shows : Patients received 15-20 minute daily treatments 5 days a week, of far IR radiation (900 to 1000 µm) - for 6 months. Collagen and elastin produced by the fibroblasts increased.!

    Make Natural Hair Gel : Pour 1 cup warm water into a glass jar. Mix in 1 tsp of UNflavored gelatin. Scent the liquid with 3 drops of essential oil into the jar to create a fragrant gel. lavender, coconut, rosemary are good for the hair ---- Hair styling products can be expensive and unhealthy, but you can protect your health and your wallet by making your own

    Make Hair Grow Thicker : Mix 1 packet of unflavored gelatin into normal shampoo, use every time you wash your hair. Gelatin is a unique protein that helps hair grow thick and fast.

    How to wash your face with coconut oil... - no more pimples or dryness

    "De-stress bath. Also a great time to exfoliate after soaking for 20/3mins

    10 day mask: Apply mashed papaya, pineapple, kiwifruit or canteloupe to wrinkles areas for ten minutes every day. Wash off after no more than ten minutes as the enzymes in these fruits are very strong. This will also help to exfoliate and stimulate skin. You can also add some honey and molasses to this mask for extra nourishiment followed by the serum. Do this for ten days and then use weekly or as desired.

    Best serum recipe for getting rid of wrinkles around eyes or mouth: 8 tbs wheat germ oil (or almond oil) + 2 drops each of Frankincense or Fennel oil. + 5 drops carrot seed oil + 3 drops avocado oil + 10 drops rose hip oil + 5 drops borage (starflower) oil + Wheatgerm oil increases collagen production and is also reputed to repair your DNA. Carrot seed oil contains vitamin C, and A, both excellent for anti-aging. The other oils stimulate collagen production and cell renewal.

    Here are the top essential oils for wrinkles: Violet leaf-Clary-sage-Fennel-Neroli-Rose-Galbanum-Lavender-Thyme-Patchouli-Yarrow-German chamomile-Frankincense-Myrrh-Lemon-Hyssop-Carrot-Oregano-Orange-Rosemary-Palma Rosa-Lime

    Pomegranate: Powerful Protection for teeth gums and Aging Arteries—and Much More - 3 - Life Extension

    Japan Cosmo Lifting - Japanese Cosmo Lifting - Facial Reflexology - YouTube

    Pinkeye : The clear, liquid part of yogurt or kefir (whey) can also be used as a fast home remedy. Yogurt and kefir are cultured with beneficial bacterial strains and carefully dropping a few drops of this liquid whey into the eyes will produce the same “crowding out” effect of the pathogens

    Ginger Detox Bath Soak - A Tried & True Project

    ▶ Massage Instead of Botox - Brow Massage by in Louisville KY - YouTube

    ▶ Self Lymph Drainage Massage by in Louisville, KY - YouTube

    ▶ Really good Eye Massage and Lymph Drainage Tutorial !!!

    UCLA STUDY: NON-DRUG TREATMENT MAY IMPROVE MEMORY IN ALZHEIMER'S PATIENTS - Researchers at UCLA say they've developed a program that shows for the first time memory loss being reversed in some patients.

    cancer patients get beautiful henna tattoos