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Time And Relative Dimension In Space… (✿) #tardis #doctorwho #fanart

Dr Who: I found this blue umbrella and was like I need to rock me some Who when it rains, cause I mean who wouldn't want that.. I just used paint acrylic paint and i'm planning on sealing with with something.. Not sure yet..

I don't want to build a snowman anymore...

oh no! the daleks have the tardis and they learned how to drive a truck!

David Tennant from Dr Who Cosplay. If I found this boy I would steal him.... just sayin

crochet Tardis blanket

TARDIS BLANKET CROCHET PATTERN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #DoctorWHO pretty sure Michelle Flynn Flynn Flynn Flynn Louie needs to make this for Drew since I can't crochet

tardis tea infuser

Much excitement!

Polish Smoothie Doctor Who nail art Red Daleks found on Polyvore

First pic from series 8!

Pssh. We should be so lucky. Probably more like Season 4.

*gross sobbing* // doctor who; matt smith

Raggedy Man, Goodbye. All the feels knowing this Christmas will be Matt's last.

Yes he is. And I'm excited.

"Just Thought, The Doctor doesn't love Rose over River or River over Rose. The Doctor has two hearts... one heart can belong to River and the Other to Rose...... <- this << OH MY GOODNESS, MY FEELS, YOU BROKE MY FEELS" — I never thought about it this way. Nice idea. :)



Yah! This makes me happy.

Welcome back to Doctor Who, David Tennant and Billie Piper

Character: Rose Tyler Fandom: Doctor Who Episodes: The Empty Child, The Doctor Dances Fandom wardrobe

oh ten

Always be prepared. Love Capt Jack