Raising Strong Daughters

Ten things to tell your daughter before she turns ten

Bible-based approach for discussing sex, drugs, dating, drinking, and gossiping with tweens (ages 9-12). Pinning to read later.

How does a mother grow close with her daughter? How do you get to know her heart? Here are 21 thoughtful questions she really needs you to ask! 21 Questions Your Daughter Really Needs You To Ask ~ Club31Women.com

14 tips for Helping Children Strengthen Emotional Intelligence

4 Tips For Dealing With a Sassy Child. This is such good advice for anyone raising children: parents, grandparents, babysitters, etc. I wish I had done better modeling respect and patience with my children. It is easy for parents to get caught up in their own stress and not see the effect on the child as well. Happy children make happy adults! Love to all who struggle with this issue.

The Ultimate Guide to the Independent Princess: A Mighty Girl's special selection of books starring princesses who are smart, daring, and aren't waiting around to be rescued!

Starting with age 5, have a family rule that your child makes their bed every day--and then don't fix their work. Let them struggle and feel proud of their efforts--you'll be surprised how quickly they get good at it! It will be a habit before long and your home will be neater, too! * This post has 100+ ideas to help you tame the chaos in your home (and your life)--this is just one tip! #organize #harvardhomemaker

What I want my daughter to know about the mean girls via lisajobaker.com

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{12 things to tell our daughters before 13} Any of you moms of tweens have anything else to add?

How to help kids calm down- I loved these ideas. I needed this!

Raise a confident girl - not a cocky one.

10 Tips for Surviving the Terrible Twos - Advice to get through this rough year. #parenting #toddlers

How to teach children to tell the truth.

mom/son date ideas :) love how it's more than just dates...it's how to talk/teach your boys to become real men!

Raising Daughters

7 Simple Tips for teaching your kids God's Word this Christmas (or anytime!) #truthtinsel

Raising a girl: 100 things I want to teach my daughter

52 Things Daughters Need from Their Dads: What Fathers Can Do to Build a Lasting Relationship

10 Creative Ways to Make Time for Your Kids -- I LOVE number 3. So clever!! #parenting