Pick Up Sticks

I loved to play Pick Up Sticks and Jacks. ***We had these at the cottage, but none of us knew what to do with them!


Asteroids and a derivative, Galaga, were among the most popular video games.

Omg. Brings me back. Still to this day, I have #s 17, 20 and 26. The rest I either played with or had growing up. '90s were the best. (55 Toys And Games That Will Make '90s Girls Super Nostalgic - BuzzFeed Mobile)

My Pretty Ballerina was seriously my prized possession! OH man, I had or knew someone that had pretty much every single one of these! :) 55 Toys And Games That Will Make Girls Super Nostalgic

You know I had one of these and to this day I still don't know what it is suppose to be or do. . .

Used to love Kooshes! We would bring them to the pool during the summer & throw them across to try & get it in the gutter LOL

CHINESE CHECKERS.....this is one of a few board games we played as children.  We had very few and treasured all of them.

Vintage 1950's Boxed Tin Ohio Art Chinese Checkers Marbles Game w/ 2 Game Sides

CHINESE CHECKERS-besides bingo this was about the only game we had to play in those summers in Tennessee.

I still adore this show...I was so sad when we didn't get the Disney Channel anymore, for this show alone...

~Dance your cares away *clap clap* worries for another day, let the music play *clap clap* down at Fraggle Rock!~ I can't even begin to say how much I loved Fraggle Rock!

Staying up with modern fashion...remember these??

80 Totally Awesome Things From The - Tee Shirt Clips! Yup, I sported these in the Wish I could find some now so my daughter would stop using pony tail holders on her tees