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I totally prefer this style of bike riding with your kids! Much better than having them behind you!

Celebrating her very first Mother's Day, Pink planted a big smooch on her daughter Willow's cheek during a beachfront bike ride in Los Angeles.

The future is almost here, and it’s going to look a lot like Tron. This futuristic-looking bike was designed by Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman. He believes that its design will help resolve some of the obstacles that are currently keeping more commuters from adopting bicycles as their primary form of transportation. By making the bike [...]

Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman shows off his unique bike design which he not only says will be common in 20 years but is also theft-proof and features puncture-free tires. The futuristic-looking c.


WorkCycles offers our special version of the Onderwater Family Tandem. One or two kids ride in front of mom or dad, where they have a great view and can learn about cycling.

Image result for adult tricycle with child seat

Image result for adult tricycle with child seat

Risas con amigas... no tienen precio ;-)

Laughing with someone about the unthinkable ideas makes them more believable and brings them to life.

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Dual Seat Adult Tricycle helps you sit next to your partner/friend/kid while biking Designbuzz : Design ideas and concepts

I'm so very getting Miss Young Money a seat like that when she's old enough to ride with me!  Much simpler to deal with than a trailer.

A CUP OF JO: Motherhood Mondays: Riding bikes with babies wee ride

20 photos showing that there’s no more heart-warming sight than a man with his children

20 photos showing that there’s no more heart-warming sight than a man with his children