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    • Kevin Glass

      I look around today and see that my life isn't what I'd thought it would be. I've had challenges and made more than my share of stupid mistakes. But there has never been a second that I haven't realized I am more blessed than I have any right to be. My heart still laughs every single day - and I just hope people can feel that happiness.

    • Melissa Carter

      Life is beautiful. {need to make a print with this quote for daily inspiration to remember to be thankful!}

    • Judith Iverson-Ferrer

      i need this in my living room/bedroom, to help me remember to be thankful for things i already have in life :)

    • ★☆Krเ§†у☆★

      Picture # 2. I had this specific picture as my background on my phone for many months. It is important to me because I believe everyone needs a reminder to be thankful. I feel it is easy to get caught up in the chaos of life and forget all that we are blessed with. It's a cliche thing to say, but however, it is absolutely true: no one is promised a tomorrow. Be thankful for today.

    • Andrea Alarcon

      Be thankful for today my friend because life is a beautiful, precious gift. Make the most of it and enjoy it because you only get one time around.

    • Stephanie Barnett

      Hard thing to remember in life we all want more or something different then what our life is right now, but in reality it won't be like this for long and someday we are gonna miss the things we forgot to be thankful for live in the moment enjoy where you are and be thankful for what you have

    • Bethany Kline

      I wake up and make my self say this everyday. I make a point to be thankful for good things everyday. It's like when you are sick and you think to yourself, "man i wish i had appreciated being well!" I make a point EVERYDAY to say thank you God, I am so glad to be WELL today! And now when i do get sick or have a bad day I can look back and say, well at least I appreciated it when i didnt feel horrible.

    • Kayla Ludwig

      #thankful #thank #today #another #day #living #life #love #live #quote

    • Ozge Onal

      I 'm THANKFUL for TODAY

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    ...and be thankful.

    Today I Am Thankful. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Pooh and Piglet. I really really love this. Act with gratitude and abundance every day. Stay present and in the moment.


    So true


    Attitude of gratitude.

    love this!

    Despierta cada mañana con la idea que algo maravilloso sucedera #wake up #wonderful day #happy #feliz #dia maravilloso #be positive

    "After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh." - Mr. Big. SATC

    ''All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother.'' I have the best mom.

    NO GRIT, NO PEARL. I can think of nothing, but lack of health, that should interfere with one becoming successful. There is no other handicap that you should not be able to overcome. To overcome a handicap, all that it is necessary to do is to use more determination and grit and will. - Neville Goddard _____________________________ repinned by Loving With Joy

    well said


    And then there are those who handle a problem with such grace, from a perspective of gratitude that is so inspiring to the rest of us...

    So true. Be thankful for what you have

    be thankful | be happy

    choose your destiny

    Very thankful indeed!