weedcabin: goetia: Irish spinner and spinning wheel. County Galway, Ireland, circa 1890-1900.  that’s where i’m from.

Lost | Forgotten | Abandoned | Displaced | Decayed | Neglected | Discarded | Disrepair | Spinning wheel inside the Blackhouse at Arnol. Scotland

Celtic: The Famine Memorial. Dublin, #Ireland, by Jaime GP, on 500px.

Mothers and Daughters in Zeeland Dress, Netherlands 1931

Somewhere in a forest,there were cars hidden in the overgrowth, looking like a scene out of a nuclear apocalypse, or a Fallout games. In fact they’re in the Ardennes Forest belong to the American service men, after the war they were responsible for shipping their vehicles back of which they could not afford. Instead, the cars were brought up to a clearing in the forest, parked and left.

The Dark Hedges, Antrim, Ireland

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Titanic memorial-In the village of Lahardane in the parish of Addergoole in County Mayo, located at the foot of Nephin (the mountain you see in the background here).

Japan 19th Century .....assolutamente magnifica!

Ireland - Add our indeegear® sleeve to your collection today to remember your visit to Ireland, celebrate your heritage, or to show your love of this beautiful country. There are many sites to see when you travel here - from the beautiful countryside and windswept Cliffs of Moher to the exciting city of Dublin, home to many sightseeing musts like Trinity College and the Guinness Storehouse where you can learn to pour the perfect pint.

County Kerry, Ireland

Killybegs, County Donegal, Ireland

Ballybunion Castle, County Kerry, Ireland

The Bridge of Immortals: Huangshan, China

Victorian girls with the strangest doll--look at the size of the doll's head vs her hands and feet!

Old Mellifont Abbey, 12th century, County Louth, Ireland Best Value Travel Online

#Birr Castle, County #Offaly, Ireland.

Romanian Sheperd

Boy and girl under an umbrella. vintage photo

Queen Victoria crocheting in 1890

building le Eiffel