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    不可思议的密中密法: Inconceivably esoteric cultivation methods

    148---Guanshiyin Bodhisattva

    150---不可虚度时日呀! Please do not waste it!

    152---我们不能违背宇宙规律! We cannot run against the Cosmic Law!

    147--- Greater mission, harder tests!

    154---静下来,你们的自性佛会明白怎么做。 When you calm down yourself, your Buddha Nature will understand how to do it.

    153---机缘到了,会各就各位的。 When the needed conditions arrive, everyone will take his or her own place.

    了凡---其实所有的高层次修法都是显密结合、显密一体的。 In fact all higher level practice method is the integrative combination of exoteric method and esoteric one. 寻找108位宙心使者Looking for global 108 angel

    141141---于人 无益的话不要说、能少说的话就少说、能不说的话就不说,说话也是耗能量。 Don’t say anything that is useless for others. Try to talk less than you could. Do not talk more than you could. Talking also consumes energy.

    机缘非同小可,不可思议! Today is very extraordinary!

    145---A kindhearted mind makes everything possible!

    141---The great Bodhisattvas have no delusional minds.

    251---We must firmly believe that the future of the earth will be more beautiful, and that the day of December 21st, 2012 is neither the doomsday nor the end of the earth.

    144144---机缘错过难再现。末法时期也是魔法时期,不可不慎呀。 If the opportunity is missed, it will hardly come again. Dharma-decline age is also mara-rampant period, so we can't be careless slightly.

    220---天下熙熙皆为利来 天下攘攘皆为利往。 The people in the world are for the benefits. The people in the world are the benefits toward.

    The Ten Great Vows of Venerable Master 〇sifu ,师父十大愿

    193---〇sifu wants to tell you: Go steadily step by step and cherish your opportunities accumulated from the cultivation of all lifetimes and eons. 不能再错过了! Don't miss them any longer!