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不可思议的密中密法: Inconceivably esoteric cultivation methods http://onosss.blogspot.com/

了凡---其实所有的高层次修法都是显密结合、显密一体的。 In fact all higher level practice method is the integrative combination of exoteric method and esoteric one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WApltlgNAos=relmfu 寻找108位宙心使者Looking for global 108 angel

机缘非同小可,不可思议! Today is very extraordinary!

145---A kindhearted mind makes everything possible! http://onosss.blogspot.com/ http://ocindy-lydia.blogspot.com/ http://nora-wwwmyblog.blogspot.com/ http://blog.sina.com.cn/zhixinshanhui

141141---于人 无益的话不要说、能少说的话就少说、能不说的话就不说,说话也是耗能量。 Don’t say anything that is useless for others. Try to talk less than you could. Do not talk more than you could. Talking also consumes energy.

193---〇sifu wants to tell you: Go steadily step by step and cherish your opportunities accumulated from the cultivation of all lifetimes and eons. 不能再错过了! Don't miss them any longer! http://www.facebook.com/groups/247935021970196/ http://onosss.blogspot.com/ http://nora-wwwmyblog.blogspot.com/

The Ten Great Vows of Venerable Master 〇sifu ,师父十大愿

144144---机缘错过难再现。末法时期也是魔法时期,不可不慎呀。 If the opportunity is missed, it will hardly come again. Dharma-decline age is also mara-rampant period, so we can't be careless slightly. http://www.facebook.com/groups/247935021970196/ http://onosss.blogspot.com/ http://ocindy-lydia.blogspot.com/ http://nora-wwwmyblog.blogspot.com/