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Beautiful Nature.....trees and their reflection.....

OTWT #228...Experience a rainy travel adventure. Driving in a rainy Day... The sound of the drops beating the windows.

euphoricspirit: The truth is boring, dismal and full of pain. So let me dwell in my illusions of happiness and love for a little while, before they all come crashing down.

This looks like the boat Anne of Green Gables was in the movie, doesn't it?

Monstrous rain cloud makes a giant cargo ship look super small.

I love nature, and being outside and adventuring. I especially love this picture because I love to swim and I love the rain and I feel as though I understand how the girl in this picture is feeling. One of my goals in life is to just trust in my journey and enjoy what comes from it, and I feel as though this is an example of enjoying those simple moments