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    most men just stand next to their date and hold their hand or something...and then there's Will Smith.

    The Smiths are too Classy for Miley

    14 reasons why we should love Leo Dicaprio…my fave

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Every guy should have to do this before they get a girl pregnant

    this is hilarious bahahaha

    Will Smith

    #1Reason why women's soccer is better than men's...every time

    48 Things That Will Make You Feel Old

    Two Men Get a Glimpse Into What Childbirth Feels Like [Video]. You can turn on captions to read what they're saying. this video is PRICELESS

    17 reasons Jennifer Lawrence won the golden globes

    I love will smith

    This guy.

    "We're the dancers." Funniest skit ever. Look it up on YouTube, you'll love it! (Single ladies - Justin Timberlake, Beyonce)

    I'm with her on this one

    Will Smith - Jaden Smith. Win.


    Greatest prom group EVER. These kids were COMMITTED.

    Ladies and gentlemen, the Hemsworths.

    When asked to preform "Fresh Prince" Will Smith doesn't miss a beat. (on BBC)

    I love emma watson

    seriously though..