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  • Lisa Gutierrez

    Proposal idea: coffe cup

  • Lori Jean

    Yes it would be smart for him to ask me after I get my cup of coffee. Haha lol! Cute idea.

  • Nongnong Tuazon

    i would actually like to be asked this way, at the end of my favorite cup of coffee, if my future husband is out there pay attention ;) ..especially if your a doctor lol

  • Christian Elizabeth

    cutest proposal idea ever. The way to my heart! Kind of the way I want to be proposed my morning cup of coffee. What better way to start your day than to be proposed to.

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This is the entrance for Disney Hollywood Studios! Ah too cute!

Please, let this happen to me

A funny way to will never forget this! #AGSProposal

I would love to be proposed to like this. If "All I want for Christmas is You" by Michael Buble was playing I would literally die.

I want someone to ask me like this♥

  • Kat Blasco

    ^ if you write with a Sharpie and bake it, it'll be permanent (not food safe, though).

  • Peter Faso

    Hi Kat, So, you've done this before? How did you know that? I would not have thought of baking a sharpie? Heeheehee! Has it worked for you?

  • Kat Blasco

    I've never done it personally but I've read you can write with sharpies on clean ceramicware and then bake for 30 mins at 350. But that's intended for the outside of mugs, etc. so I wouldn't use that technique here, unless you want to potentially poison your future fiancee.

  • Peter Faso

    I don't know? I had always heard that Romeo and Juliet thing was supposed to be so romantic a way to die? lol. (at least in high school English class)? Besides that, I don't suppose that especially with all of the other preservatives, chemicals and other terrible things that our food is already contaminated with these days, I hardly think that a little black ink would be enough to do oneself in and his or her intended other?

  • Peter Faso

    You know Kat, is that you in that photo you have posted? You look so lonely all by yourself sitting there that you make a guy want to come over and offer to share a cup of coffee with you or something (less the ink of course!) lol.

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Click on the link to the photographers site, there are pictures of the whole engagement! So adorable. Love the snow!

I agree with others who say that every girl deserves to have this moment photographed ;) Hint hint!!!

This is the absolute best idea ever!!!! please someone tell whoever proposes to me to do this!!!!

If my boyfriend proposed like this I would flip! It's my dream to go to Disney world! And the princesses are a plus ♥

Awesome Proposal

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Ben & Jerry's "Will You Marry Me" flavour. Eat the ice cream to find the ring. Si non e vere...