Dog photo

My dog will so be doing this!

photos with your dog on your wedding day

wedding photo with dog

I love everything about this photo — the hair, the dress, the dog...everything!

Cute engagement photos, love that they have their dog with them

with a dog

Love me, love my dog

Engagement photo with dog.. oh this is too cute and i will do this

Engagement photo with your dog haha - might do this :D

Dog wedding day idea

family photos with dog

Cute wedding picture with dogs

Fall Engagement Photos with the dog!! yes

Wedding dogs- Don't know if the dogs will be with you guys, but the flowers are a cute idea.

New happy couple with their dogs

Dog engagement photo

Engagement picture with dog

Engagement with dog/ engagement photos with dog. Ring on dog's snout.

Best engagement photo!! Engagement photo with my dog

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