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Lovely #wedding ["I want a kitten, [now]! I want a kitten, right [now]. Grant [me] a kitten. I want a beau-t-iful kit-ten. [Know], your place. And it is not in my [house]! Bow [down]! There's a dog- bow, [wow-wow] -meow-MEOW! cat." -Asha] ***i have planned names for animals as well. [There is, meow-MEOW!-cat, and Dolly Bar-Bar; then there is to be Chinese Cheesecake, and Pumpernickel. The last one is to be named Astrid.] *VALENTINO has like six pubs!

Cuuuute! Pre-wedding so that the bride and the groom still don't see each other. I love how nervous he looks. What a great way to get the "before" shot and capture all of those emotions!

Tips for Including Dogs in Weddings - the #1 tip is to get a doggie attendant to help keep the day manageable

When I get my havapoo puppy I wanna dress him/her up like this!!

Too cute!! for chica & jack!! Aww - too bad we didn't think of this for the engagement pictures! Rupert might need a sign at the wedding. I like how it says "my humans." We totally belong to our dog! Or maybe my daughter and have it saying mom and dad are FINALLY getting married

"a beary winter tale" ---- [*Perro*]~[Photo by dewollewei (Cees) - January 16 2012]'h4d'121006

This dog loves his yoga...

Homemade blankie oooohhhh dos de las cosas que mas me gustanL perros y crochet solo falto por ahi una hamburguesa

This doggie looks so much like my dog,Jasper,who was one of 3 of my dogs that died when my house caught fire.