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  • That Wedding Lady, Wedding Officiant Ft Lauderdale FL

    Cute wedding dog tuxedo #Pets In Wedding

  • Dyan Johnson

    Handsome man!! Junior will be just as cute!!!!

  • Thisandthatz Weddings

    Westie in bowtie suit

  • Brenda Cole

    Westies, Westies, #Baby Dogs|

  • Brigett Florentine

    When you love your pet, it can feel like you have an extra member in your family. For a life event as significant as a wedding, it is simply out of the question to leave your furry friend out of the festivities. Using pets to propose is a popular idea among those looking to pop the question. Take the concept one step further and give your dog, cat, or animal of choice a starring role in your wedding ceremony.

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Adorable pet tuxes; would be super cute if you wanted to have your dog in your wedding....I can see it now, Ralphie in a tux :)

If you have a dog, you'd understand.

It’s Friday and I’m ready to swing. Pick up my girls and hit the party scene.

Christmas Goldens - This photo was taken on December 3, 2009 By Dexell1827 and titled "Hey, Mom!!"

I love cocker spaniels ♥ Awww...kinda looks like Elvis....I really should have listened to that dog...he knew who he didn't like

I dunno, what do you wanna do today? Looks like Chaos my children's Irish Soft Wheaten, wonderful dog.

shetookachance: omg, so cute. this picture almost made me cry. look at him! he knows how special this moment is and he’s so happy to be there! it’s like he’s thinking “yay! another person to love me!” :)

come on little build the leaf pile and I will jump in to it

This looks like my dog, Bonnie. But she would NEVER sit in a basket - because she's really a human in a small furry body.