All white gerber daisy wedding bouquet

Pure white wedding bouquet with lace.- what are these flowers? Like the lace

gerber daisies!

Hey I like this and maybe since your using heaps of colour we could have simple white flowers and you have the bright flowers

White Gerber Daisy Wedding Bouquet

Yellow wedding bouquet

Way to save your wedding bouquet...make a Christmas ornament! A few petals from your bouquet, a cork from the wine served at your wedding, and top it off with a gorgeous colored ribbon

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Gerber Daisy bridal bouquet.

white wedding bouq

Gerber Daisy Bouquet

Pink and White Gerber Daisy Bridal Bouquet

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White Peony Bouquet

Gerber Daisey Wedding Bouquet.....exactly it Courtney & Cassidy!!!!

Red Gerbera Daisy Fall Wedding Bouquets

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White gerber daisies!

Gerbera Daisy Wedding Bouquets

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