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Dexter vs. Dexter!

"as if I wasn't enough of a freak, let's add a tiara!”

Ecard of the Day | So you like Doctor Who? Awesome! | Created by Someecards viaFunny Technology - Google+

This is amazing! I actually saw David Tennant play Hamlet! Oh Matt Smith!

PAC_MAN appears on the "How to Pick the Perfect Video Game" Infographic...

Third Wheel Costumes- How I Met Your Mother @Angela Castillo I'm so doing this next year with you and Gerson!!!!! lmao!!!!!

An Amazing Bookmark For Gamers My two favorite things, books and video games

Yes. I am usually not a gamer, but I would play this so hard.

Videogames Do A Thing That No Other Industry Does

Kind of (meaning totally freaking out) excited that the Doctor's secret isn't just his Gallifreyan name that would be too obvious no it had to be John Freaking Hurt AND his true name ..... Whaaa YES!