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The Philly Five: Lesson on practicing a 5 para essay. This is ORAL with hand gestures and sounds for punctuation. Students who take turns get cheered on by their class. I love the cheer and the "Oh Sweet Mama.

Think, Wonder, Teach: Portable Scoreboardsfrom Whole Brain Teaching. Why can't my brain come up with these simple ideas.

Nancy Stoltenberg, Whole Brain Teaching Director of Certification, leads her Lancaster, California second graders through a masterful lesson on antonyms.

Whole Brain Teaching - use of echoing and clickers/student responders. Students enter their answer in to a white board then "click" their answer in - allows teacher to know who didn't get the answer right away.

Day Starting WBT Part 1 - In a grade classroom. Definitely couldn't teach first grade. And their is one kid's voice that is driving me nuts, but this teacher does a great introduction to her graders on the first day of school.