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This is possibly one of my favorite moments ever from one of my most favorite movies ever!!

Hands down my favorite quote from this movie.

"Have you ever tried to run in heels, Malcolm? Not that easy, not that easy...."

Have some fun !!!! See More:

One of the best parts of this movie. Every time I go to Starbucks this is what comes to mind.

Why can't we use the metric system? It's so much simpler.

I HAVE BEEN QUOTING THIS SINCE I WAS 10. But I never got some parts right so it's like "du du du du du du study's rocks." I'm in heaven.(:

Another pinned said, "i love that i married my high school sweetheart. we're in stage 2." I'm still waiting to marry my high school sweetheart :)

Grand Theft Auto By Kristen Wiig... My favorite part of the movie...