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    Oh yea, she's very scary :) ...[Boo totally reminds me of my oldest niece when she was that age when the movie came out.... she will always be my 'Boo'

    People are so misinformed about lean finely textured beef (NOT pink slime). This product is NOT the result of an entire animal being processed, it's simply the meat that has been separated from the fat using technology that's been around for decades. This technology has prevented lean meat from being wasted. This post is offensive to anyone involved in the ag industry.

    Hahahaha THREE types of people lolol

    28 Daria Quotes For Any Situation - I didn't watch this show much, but now I'm regretting it. I've thought nearly everything that she's said at one point or another.

    This person who is aware of their surroundings. | 25 People Who Have Nailed This Flirting Thing

    Untangle them? Nobody got time fo that!

    ....Or a log of your ailments or children's bowel movements.

    ahhah omg. if you don't live in the dirty south you NEED to stop complaining. dry heat is NOTHING compared to this shiz

    As the mother of a soon-to-be eight-year-old boy, I can say that I HAVE stepped on a Lego. It hurts. This is a valid threat, not to be taken lightly...:-)

    I've actually said this both the husband and the 6 year old.