baby name rings - so precious!

Totally want these! My friend Heidi makes them and they're gorgeous and she's amazing!

THANK YOU to whoever created this amazing chart!!

Name Rings, One For Each Child Stack Them.

I'd love a baby ring really similar to this. Maybe Dan Archibeck could make it, or something similar, locally. It would be such a great mother's day gift or a birth present from kid that's born.

Mama ring.

Love this idea! Put the letters of your baby's name in picture frames

This name ring can be custom stamped with the name of a loved one, a date, or a phrase. Our single rings can be stacked together or worn on either side of an existing ring. Wonderful gift on Mother's Day or a family ring for each member to wear. Nelle and Lizzy

Baby girl Mintjal just got these cute boots :) Minnetonka Fringe Bootie (Baby & Walker) | Nordstrom

Names of each child. Love these.

"More Unique Baby Names" - Lots of great ideas for baby names that aren't so common. Great ideas for you iif you're expecting, or know of someone else who is! L.E.G.I.T. In Life Online Magazine. Winter 2013

Name rings! Hubby and kids.

Squirt Baby Food Dispenser. Genius!

Omg I love!!!!

Love this idea!

Good tips to make daddy feel special for the first 6 weeks after the baby is born.

What Babies Can Eat Ages Newborn to 3 Years What Babies Can Eat: Ages Newborn to 3 Years

Keepsake jewelry for moms: Lisa Leonard custom stacking rings are so affordable!

Adorable! Love this necklace print bodysuit.

Wee turtle baby