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America’s Most Bizarre Laws Illustrated In Photo Series


So true...speaking from personal experience. I really believed I knew everything because ONLY the mormon church leaders knew about the world and I was only supposed to listen to them or my abusive father because he listened to them and used his "Priesthood." So glad to NOW be an ex-mormon.

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Watch this never-before-seen trailer that Donald Trump tried to hide from the public

Trump's military experience. I think this image pretty much sums him up overall, a toddler!!

Can we take a minute just to appreciate the best photo of the President of the United States that I’ve ever seen? And by best, I obviously mean sassiest. Seriously, this could be the cover of Sassy magazine! SASSYPANTS FOR PREZ.  [via Washington Post]

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CARTOONS: The Death Of The Republican Party

Cartoonists around the world are stunned by the Republican primary circus.

Rep. Paul Ryan (R), running as Mitt Romney's 2012 VP, said in his Wisconsin rally on 8/13/12, that his veins contain: Cheese, Brats and a little Wisconsin Beer. As you can see by this image, he follows the Wisconsin Food Pyramid. lol #politics #wi #usa

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Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Are Spooky

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Are Spooky. Maybe that explains their anti-sunlight stance.. Politics, mitt romney, election2012, electoral collegehumor, paul ryan

Mitt The Twit & GOP/Tea Party Funnies - Part 3 - It's Not About Hating Obama, It's Not About Lying About Obama & The Dems And It's Not About Rewarding The Rich For Just Being Rich - It's About Real Solutions For Real People For A Better Tomorrow - FORWARD - OBAMA 2013 - - - FuTurXTV - Funk Gumbo Radio:

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Proof That Mitt Romney Is No Robot

Oh yeah, vote for THIS guy... Entertainmentfrom Entertainment

Mitt Romney Humor Roundup

Mitt Romney Humor Roundup: Mitt Romney Political Cartoons

DISGUSTING: Mitt Romney Tells CNN Trump Will Bring “Trickle-Down Racism” to America (VIDEO) ~ Does this clown think he’s helping America by electing Hillary Clinton?

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Who Said It: Romney Or Mr. Burns?

Who said it: Mitt Romney or Mr. Burns?

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'TOON: Mitt Romney Touches Up For The Public

I refuse to believe he did this intentionally. I mean, come on...

Undenialable truth: like it or not... all who are running against Obama are fatally flawed candidates who have almost zero chance of winning.