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    Animation of global cloud cover. From the NYT.

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    • Raytricity Renewable Energy

      Interactive cloud map through one year (April 2011-April 2012). Basically it's related to an article stating that clouds affect the climate. Interested? Have a read!

    • Becky Brunton

      At any moment, about 60 percent of the earth is covered by clouds, which have a huge influence on the climate. This animated map shows a year of cloud cover. via #newyorktimes

    • Gene Tsenter

      One Year of Clouds Covering the Earth - Interactive Graphic -

    • KarBel Multimedia

      One Year of Clouds Covering the Earth interactive infographic

    • Jett Choquette

      Cloud coverage of the Earth, 60% covered at all times. NYT

    • Mike Kinde

      Animation of global cloud cover. From the NYT.

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    Roadkill map. If it involves data, somebody, somewhere is making a map out of it.

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    Maps of running routes using public data from the exercise-tracking app RunKeeper. The article covers 20 cities.

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    Comparison Map

    Maps, maps, maps.

    Layers of Earths Atmosphere Oooh. I like this graphic too.

    "Watch as this NASA animation shows the sun blasting out a giant explosion of magnetic energy...and the Earth being shielded from this by its powerful magnetic field. The sun also continuously showers the Earth with light and radiation energy. Much of this solar energy is deflected by the Earth's atmosphere or reflected back into space by clouds, ice and snow. What gets through becomes the energy that drives the Earth system, powering a remarkable planetary engine --the climate." (NASA; 19Jun12)

    An incredible way to look at the distribution of people over the earth. It's scary and awesome at the same time. And it's bizarre that New Jersey got mentioned! We have a densely populated state, but where I live, in central/south New Jersey, it is full of open space. We have land between villages and towns. Hmm. Hard to grasp.

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    what time zones look like in Antarctic