My favorite James Thurber Cartoon: "It's a naive domestic Burgundy without any breeding, but I think you'll be amused by its presumption."

New Yorker Cartoon

Finally…we can blame it on the grapes:)

OP: It's 5 months until Christmas, but the best nativity scene of the year has already been made.

the truth


Short problems

wit and repartee

no calories in wine - hurray!

more wine!

Welcome to wine country! #wine #country #love #wino #quote #funny #weinkeller #drink #vintage #quality #cheers

haha! totally true!

fruit salad


You Seem Bitter And You Look Pale * Oh, Quit Your Whining!

Pat on the head.

New Yorker Cartoon

New Yorker Cartoon

It's my wine and I'll cry if I want to.

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