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I get scared when I have to sneeze while driving.

check out the links on the rest of this site under workouts: healthylivingfory...

Makes me feel better every time even if I don't want to go at the moment

I need 2... one for my bed to make me go in the AM, the other in my office to make me go in the PM!

Hmmm... interesting! If you work out an hour every day, that's about 15 days a year spent working out. Let's take out sleeping time for that. That's about 23 days of awake time a year. If you do that for 50 years, you spend 1150 days or a little over 3 years exercising. Research shows exercising can add 3.5-3.7 years on to one's life. This meme is actually quite accurate!!

Gym - lol - I happen to like all of them, but this is funny...

Gym humor. More like 70% gym clothes 30% work clothes but you get the point!

this just made my night! I'm easy to please. Oh, Joburg I dont miss you now :)

Lose Weight and Stay Healthy While at Work. #Fitness, #Exercise and #Diet Motivation.