Peacock Feather EarringsSaphire Blue by RomanceinSilverAH on Etsy, $25.95

Sterling Silver Peacock Feather by RomanceinSilverAH on Etsy, $25.95

Peacock Feather EarringsEmerald by RomanceinSilverAH on Etsy, $25.95

Vivid Blue Peacock Feather Earrings by RomanceinSilverAH on Etsy, $25.95

Peacock Feather Trimmed EarrringsSaphire by RomanceinSilverAH, $25.95

Peacock and Peridot Marabou Sterling Silver by RomanceinSilverAH, $25.95

Colorful Feather Earrings by RomanceinSilverAH on Etsy, $24.95

Czech Glass & Swarovski Crystal Necklace

Beaded key chain or fob

Adorable Feather Ring

stunning and unique ring

Vintage key necklace handmade upcycled one of by VintageValleyGirl, $25.00

one wingOOAK upcycled cottage style metal charm necklace by Arey, $25.00. Love the way it's photographed!

Hippie Peace Love Volkswagen VW Bus Traveling Gypsy by MAMASTEELE, $18.95

// Fishbone bracelets by Ravel Shop

Blue Scarf Headband Necklace Cowl with Lace Edge by fatwoman, $17.00

Tuscan Rose on #Unique Vintage #Vintage Clothing #Vintage Ideas #Vintage Styles|

Garden Glow mismatched earrings on etsy. ALL proceeds to Katie Meyler's, a 501C3 charity helping victims of Liberia's ebola outbreak and their families.

Customizable long chains pendant by Giardinoblu on Etsy, $423.00

Rosary necklace by rebecca3030 on etsy

twirly skirt