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The Happiness Report #9 - Cozi, Cocktails & Instagram

Happy Summertime, everyone! You know the warmer weather makes me especially happy after the harsh winter we’ve had. I thought I’d share a little dose of what’s been making me happy lately. Every summer, I choose a cocktail that is going to be my summer drink. I’m not a big drinker, but in the summer...

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Arnold Palmer Southern Style Half & Half Sweet Tea Pink Lemonade

Authentic Southern Sweet Tea and the Arnold (Winnie) Palmer Drink... to make it right, it is more complicated than just tea and sugar. And there is a secret ingredient that takes out the bitter allowing the sweet to infuse!!! PLUS there are rcipes for the CLASSIC ARNOLD PALMER Drink... PLUS the WINNIE PALMER often confused with the Arnold... but I digres...) PLUS a couple of Tea Cocktail recipes (Including an original the Dirty Florida Golfer)... Relax and dream of summer days

BOBBI ANN’S TWISTED ARNOLD PALMER: 2 quarts tea, unsweetened 2 quarts lemonade and Jeremiah Weed {sweet tea flavored vodka & lemonade}

Arnold Palmer Slushie | Taking On Magazines | www.takingonmagaz... | Sweet tea is joined by lemon sorbet, lemon juice, rum (optional) and lots of ice in this refreshing, delicious summer drink.

The Happiness Report #23 - All kinds of things that are making me happy lately, including Holland, MI, The Spiceologist Block, great reads and more!

Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea and Simply favorite!

Loaded Arnold Palmer with Hibiscus Tea and Mint