Swan dance

Swans in all their beauty.

beautiful swan

Trumpeter swan ~ taken by Philip Dunn #photography #nature #bird #swan #bokeh



Siamese Fighting Fish, or a pair of Betta Fish (mating, I would assume, since it's never recommended to house more than one Betta per tank unless you know what you're doing).


❥ mother swan hiding baby swan under her wings... beautiful in every way

in flight fashion

Albino peacock #white #animals


I believe in Fairy Tales. Stunning swans. Fairy tale ethereal light.

eagle fly over snow mountain black & white

Egret's sunset wings of fire • photo: Graham Owen

Swan dance


Ethereal Swan

swan #blanc ~ Colette Le Mason @}-,-;---<3 @}-,-;--

Swans in Love

Swan double take by *LINNY *, via Flickr.com