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Luxurious Spa Waters. "These are beautiful ideas to replace punch." or add white wine & instead of water add selter for a wine cooler effect... mmm

SPA Water Recipes! Make your water tastier and healthier all at once.

Raspberry Mist from Hyatt Tamaya: 2 Cartons of raspberries 3 Limes thinly sliced Ice and water

Strawberry Cucumber Watermelon & Mint Spa Water

Fruit & Herbal Spa Water Recipes | ByzantineFlowers

spa water recipes. I love only drinking water, this just made my day!

Fill a glass or pitcher half way up with peppermint. Then add enough lemon slices to almost fill the pitcher. As you put the mint and lemon in, smoosh them with a spoon to release healthful oils and juices. Fill with water let infuse at least 30 minutes, sweeten with Stevia or honey, and enjoy. This drink is refillable!

Different "spa waters" they all look really good. Especially the orange, ginger, lemongrass one.

Grapefruit are widely known as the "fat-burning" fruit. Oranges not only help prevent illnesses such as colds, and sore throat, but can also help speed your recovery. Limes also help with weight loss, rejuvenate skin and remove toxins. Mint is know to help with headaches, nervous strain, fatigue and stress.