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  • Laurie Ahart

    Vintage Wooden Chicken Coop - Country Primitive Decor from This Old Wooden Chicken Coop is used and would make a Great Coffee Table for your Log Cabin or Country Primitive Home. Please look at the pictures carefully and use your own judgment on condition. If you want to put chickens in it the bottom would need to be replaced. Sold As Is.

  • Gabriel Fiechter

    I dont expect everyone to be vegan and care about mice and chickens (but that would be awesome, of course!), but most people DO love dogs and they need to know this crap happens every single day in this country and the world over. Ive seen the pictures, watched the videos...its unfreakingbelievable. This photo is by far the least disturbing of the evidence. **Point is, please check brands for cruelty-free labels and statements.** country-decor

  • Kathy Dryden Sharp

    Vintage chicken coop!! I have one and store quilts in it!!

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Whimsical chicken coop sitting on the corner of an industrial complex in Syosset NY.

The "Palais de Poulets," aka Clucking Hen Garden, belongs to a couple outside of Seattle. They transformed an old ugly shed into the work of art you see here. "A flock of heirloom chickens" (whatever that is) reside there. I admit it: I'm a bit envious.

Looks like my Tree/dog house because of the boards that we hid our number two when steph and i were kids lol

Milk can with table top and primitive decor

This small garden shed is actually a chicken coop. The chickens even have lighting.

Vintage 1 Gallon Kerosene Can - Country Primitive Decor from This Old Kerosene Can is used, has Rust, Dents and looks really good hanging from the rafters. Sold for Display only.

The appearance of wild flocks of chickens around New Orleans since Katrina has put a yearning in my heart for a few of my own. This coop has the potential to be inexpensive to do. Framing lumber and roofing would be the largest purchases. Recycle some screened windows and the rest pallets, pallets, pallets. Here, they are free from the newspaper.

Chicken coop made from pallets by beautiful girl