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The very first symbol is "Cho Ku Rei" aka "Reiki Power Symbol". It means "Power of the Universe, Come Here Now." It directs energy to the physical body.

The Spiral, which is the oldest symbol known to be used in spiritual practices, reflects the universal pattern of growth and evolution. The spiral represents the goddess, the womb, fertility and life force energy. Reflected in the natural world, the Spiral is found in human physiology, plants, minerals, animals, energy patterns, weather, growth and death. The Spiral is a sacred symbol that reminds us of our evolving journey in life.

Cho Ku Rei (cho-koo-ray) means put the power here or increase the power. Traditional Japanese Reiki Masters translate this symbol to mean focus. Cho Ku Rei increases the power and flow of Reiki whenever used. Magickal practitioners often feel the clockwise version adds power, while the counterclockwise version removes unwanted energy. From Magick of Reiki by Christopher Penczak