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  • Don Malot

    "That's all Folks!" Warner Brothers, Looney Tunes closing credits tag, illustration.

  • Amy Miller

    Saturday morning cartoons!!!! Especially loved Looney Toons!

  • Amy Jansson

    Looney Tunes cartoons - bugs bunny & porky pig. "Da-buh-deh-buh-deh-buh-deh...That's All Folks!"

  • Cecily

    Saturday morning cartoons... (the end for Looney Tunes cartoons-- Bugs Bunny, Mr. Magoo, et al)

  • Lily

    childhood memories

  • Stefanie Brown

    Saturday morning cartoons - Merrie Melodies! Thank goodness for Cartoon Network. Now, my little man is enjoying the greatest cartoons ever!

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Saturday Morning Cartoons...and I always had to help clean the house...while trying to watch my favorite cartoon. Bummer.

Quick Draw McGraw - don't know if this cartoon originally came out in the 60's or not, but I remember watching this when I was a kid in the 70's

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Vintage Cartoon Glasses These are my favorite cups to drink out of! :)

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Meet George Jetsons; his son Leroy, Jane his Wife, Daughter Judy ...Astro the dog, Rosie the robot maid and Mr Spacely and the sprocket factory.

Remember these fellers? I spent plenty of Saturday mornings with them.

If you happen to remember this… I grew up during the 2 decades with the best children's programming. Admittedly, CatDog killed EVERYTHING we had worked towards.

Meet George Jetson...his boy, Elroy...daughter Judy...Jane, his wife! ps there's Rosie too...

I remember when my sister Jeanine had a Smurfette birthday cake. Hours before the party I would sneak back and forth to the cake and pick icing with my fingers. :-) No one ever found out!