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hahaha this reminds me of a few people....@Michelle Owhad @nicole smith I love you!!

Oh I cannot not even count the number of times this has happened.

She knows how to do it right…  <3 Jenna

She knows how to do it right…

"You and me microwave, till death do us part!"-Jenna Marbles-- who doesn't love her?


I myself am Republican however I'm not exactly thrilled with any of the choices at this point! I'd like to see this worded, "Trying to pick my favorite presidential candidate"!


Oh My Freaking Stars!: I will prove it!

Calling me a crazy bitch will only encourage me to prove you right. Of only people understood this.

Truth Behind Gossiping: Jealous Bitchs Talking Shit.

Lol sometimes their own family even calls them a gossip queen. Jealous much?

the "bitch" part makes the card all the more awesome.

for some people there isn't enough make up in the whole world to make the pretty on the inside;